{how to dress like Heidi Middleton: Sass and Bide Creative Director}


Ok im gonna admit I have a HUGE…… MASSIVE obsession with Sass and Bide!

I cant get enough of their blog and googling them just to see what they are going to wear next.

In case you live under a rock and don’t know who Sass and Bide are pls do yourself a favour and go take a look: www.sassandbide.com

They are a hot electric mix of red Indian, bohemian, tribal, Peruvian, robotic deliciousness!

Heidi Middleton (creative director) is a huge inspiration to me and I’m often wondering how I can emulate her style, her hair and her make up. No I’m not a stalker… just really admire her!

I did a bit of research on this and have kind of done a ‘how to’ on exactly how to do this…for anyone else who might be interested!

Heidi and Sarah Jane I love you both…you have changed the way I dress and how I want to dress and how I feel when I dress like this…..

Wish I could interview you both personally to find out what inspires you to create such wonderful and unique collections.

Oh and can I PLEEEEEASE have a job!?

Ok lets start at the top….hair!




Heidi’s hair is hardly ever down. Also it’s never very neat.

Colours: blonde or rhubarb pink

Make up:

1. eyes are always heavily lined with black eyeliner and lips often seen red but not always




1. think chunky, gold, brass, colour, Indian influence. Skies the limit but just not dainty!

Image  Image


some ideas from Woolworths (South Africa)


Image  Image



1. exotic looking and bohemian style

2. neon colourblocking

Image Image    ImageImage

Got it?

Ok now the best part!

How to dress:

Here are some key items to remember:

  1. layering
  2. leggings
  3. sequins and embellishment
  4. feathers, fur and fringing
  5. colour
  6. boho
  7. draping
  8. metallics
  9. geometric prints and stripes
  10. polka dots
  11. colour clashing
  12. print clashing
  13. neon
  14. nudes
  15. monochromes
  16. silks and chiffons
  17. lace and crocheting
  18. boleros
  19. Leather


1. Indian style sandals

2. Sky scraper heels

3. Bohemian style boots

Image Image

Image Image

And below an array of beautiful clothing inspiration, just in case the website is not enough!

Image Image







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